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(Updated Oct. 6, 2013)


“The odds against becoming the next Frederick Forsythe are, of course, somewhere between merely exponential and astronomical-incredible. I’ll settle for a book-jacket with my name on it.”
Tom Clancy, 1983, a year before his first novel was published


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Word came this morning that author Tom Clancy died yesterday in a Baltimore hospital. He was only 66 years old. My son called early to break the news, so I wouldn’t hear it first on television.

You see, Tom was an old family friend. My husband and I first met him and his wife Wanda back in Hartford, Conn., in the fall of 1969, when the guys were in an insurance management class together. When the class ended in the spring, Tom and Wanda went back to Towson, Md., and we were assigned to a company office in Philadelphia.

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