‘want to remember these things  that i saw somewhere’

chutney recipe 

  • grind few dates, handful of raisin, 1 tsp red chilli powder, little tamarind, 3 to 4 tblsp of sugar, 1 garlic pod,  2 raw onions and salt to taste into fine paste without water.
  • tastes good with rotis, dosas

it has a tang different  to ones i have tasted

moisturizer recipe:

  • boil fresh peel of orange and dry turmeric piece in water for some time or until water becomes half.
  • cool it.
  • take the water, add honey, aloe vera gel, lemon(any citric)essential oil
  • blend well
  •  keep it fridge and use it
  • it stores upto 40 to 45 days i think(if the fridge works ok)
    and without fridge upto 20 days
  • it removes blemish whiteness the skin and moisturizes